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Infant and Toddler Program

Nobis Preschool Program
NOBIS Preschool operates based on the beliefs and philosophy that with a nurturing environment, children can blossom and grow into healthy, creative, and confident individuals. The greatest gift that we can give a child is the right environment to allow this growth to take place in each and every child. This is why we at NOBIS have developed a program that begins with the earliest stages of development; the infant stage. Within this stage, children need to be given a stimulating, yet soothing setting so that each next step of their developmental process can be reached with comfort and a delightful sense of accomplishment. To create such an environment, our youngest children must have all of the following each and everyday, WITHOUT EXCEPTION:

A variety of small motor activities.
Age appropriate material to capture their attention, increase curiosity, and stimulate the desire to learn.
A loving setting full of praise, affection and nurturance so that the child is encouraged to continue on.
Unconditional positive regard so that each child obtains a positive sense of self.
Comfort and acceptance so that each child’s first experience of the world and school is a great one.
And above all, lots of hugs from caregivers that are affectionate and passionate towards each and every child.